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Zoho Notebook

By Zoho
8 reviews

Zoho Notebook Features



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Key Features


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  • Tick  Vector Icon To-Do List

  • Tick  Vector Icon Task Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Notes Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Handwriting Recognition

  • Tick  Vector Icon Content Scan

  • Tick  Vector Icon Document Classification

  • Tick  Vector Icon Task Tagging

  • Tick  Vector Icon Version Control

  • Tick  Vector Icon Compliance Tracking

  • Tick  Vector Icon File Sharing

  • Tick  Vector Icon Projections


  • Tick  Vector Icon Email

  • Tick  Vector Icon Help Desk

  • Tick  Vector Icon FAQs

  • Tick  Vector Icon Forum

  • Tick  Vector Icon Knowledge Base


  • Tick  Vector Icon Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

  • Tick  Vector Icon Desktop - Mac

  • Tick  Vector Icon Desktop - Windows

  • Tick  Vector Icon Desktop - Linux

  • Tick  Vector Icon Mobile - Android

  • Tick  Vector Icon Mobile - iPhone

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Verified Reviewer


Software Selection Tool May 12, 2023

  • Overall


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This app has multiple features including taking notes, managing tasks, and planning. It is easy to use.


I have nothing to report. I use it every day. Just great.
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Melanie A.


Software Selection Tool Jun 28, 2023

  • Overall


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I like that this note taking app/software includes a few unexpected bells and whistles. I am still learning and don't have many dislikes at present. If I am able to update, I'll stop back in to provide any helpful feedback.


I really like the ability to customize notebooks and note boards in Soho Notebook. While I have used and continue to use other note taking apps, I like the fact that it is easy to use, I can quickly get to notes needed for any given project and that my special projects have a personalized notebook that's exclusive.


I love everything about Zoho Notebook. No complaints.
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Juan David A.

IT Analyst.

Software Selection Tool Jun 15, 2023

  • Overall


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I'm really happy with Zoho Notebook. It's a great product that gives me all the tools I need to take notes and share files safely and easily from any device.


I really like the design of Zoho Notebook and how easy it is to use; the implementation is really simple. It has everything I need to create and manage my personal and work notes without much effort. I can also share my files with other people, which is really useful and convenient given the work area I'm in. It includes several functions with which I can create text, photo and audio notes, and even draw on my notes. I like that it's available and compatible with different operating systems, platforms and devices so that I can access my notes from anywhere and at any time without any restrictions.


I've had a few issues with this tool, but there's one that keeps happening: sometimes when I'm syncing files on my mobile device, it's unstable. The files don't always sync automatically, or the process takes longer than it should. This usually happens when I'm using mobile data, but not when I'm on a WiFi connection.

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