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Zoho Invoice

By Zoho
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Zoho Invoice Features



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Key Features


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  • Tick  Vector Icon Multi-Currency

  • Tick  Vector Icon Contact Database

  • Tick  Vector Icon Online Invoicing

  • Tick  Vector Icon Online Payments

  • Tick  Vector Icon Payment Processing

  • Tick  Vector Icon Billing Portal

  • Tick  Vector Icon Accounts Payable

  • Tick  Vector Icon Activity Dashboard

  • Tick  Vector Icon Activity Tracking

  • Tick  Vector Icon Alerts/Notifications

  • Tick  Vector Icon Accounts Receivable

  • Tick  Vector Icon Billable Items Tracking


  • Tick  Vector Icon Email

  • Tick  Vector Icon Help Desk

  • Tick  Vector Icon FAQs

  • Tick  Vector Icon Forum

  • Tick  Vector Icon Knowledge Base


  • Tick  Vector Icon Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

  • Tick  Vector Icon Desktop - Mac

  • Tick  Vector Icon Desktop - Windows

  • Tick  Vector Icon Desktop - Linux

  • Tick  Vector Icon Desktop - Chromebook

  • Tick  Vector Icon Mobile - Android

  • Tick  Vector Icon Mobile - iPhone

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Software Comparison ToolReviewers who mentioned features said :

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Handsome M.


Software Selection Tool Jun 21, 2023

  • Overall


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This application is easy to use and has a lot of free functionality. It was a life saver for our organization when we needed it most. We were able to do most of the tasks that our previous application was able to do without stress and pain.


The staff is very friendly and responds to questions quickly. They are also very helpful.


There are very few cons, but we can manage without the multiple pricing models for different customer categories.
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Pablo G.


Software Selection Tool Jun 20, 2023

  • Overall


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This software is easy to use and integrates with Zoho CRM. It automatically sends invoices to customers.


This app lets you quickly and easily create invoices and send them to your clients via email.


The personalization of templates and the option to send copies of emails.
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Iván R.

Director Financiero

Software Selection Tool Jun 23, 2023

  • Overall


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The product's implantation process in the company was easy and simple. It should be noted that when we started working with Zoho Invoice, we did so from scratch; that is, it was our first software and we didn't have to transfer data from another software to Zoho Invoice. What I've liked most about Zoho Invoice is its ease of use; it's very intuitive, which makes adapting to the software's work methodology quick and easy.


This software being online allows you to work from anywhere at any time, you only need internet access. Nowadays with telecommuting it is a very important factor to take into account, since it offers total freedom to the user.


I would least like about the software has nothing to do with its use, which is reportedly easy and intuitive, and also the price-quality ratio seems very competent in relation to other software. Going back to what I least like is that it is a tool that in order to get the most out of it, you also need other software applications from the same company.

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