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By Techuz

Techuz Overview

What is Techuz ?

Techuz, a leading provider of web and mobile app development, was founded in 2013 with a passion for assisting startups in realising their goals and enhancing mature businesses. Web development, iOS app development, IOT development, and blockchain development are some of our core areas of expertise. One of the best JavaScript development companies on the market is Techuz. We offer Angular, React, Vue.js, and Node.js development as part of our JavaScript services.

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Providing organisations with top-notch mobile app development services is Techuz.


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Key Features


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  • Tick  Vector Icon Mobile Development

  • Tick  Vector Icon Software Development

  • Tick  Vector Icon Web App Development

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Techuz Features

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    Mobile Development

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    Software Development

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    Web App Development

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Techuz Pricing

  • Node.js Developer

    $ 2500

    per user per month

  • Angular Developer

    $ 2400

    per user per month

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  • Mobile CRM Software

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