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Podium Features



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Key Features


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  • Tick  Vector Icon ACH Payment Processing

  • Tick  Vector Icon Billing & Invoicing

  • Tick  Vector Icon Canned Responses

  • Tick  Vector Icon Complaint Monitoring

  • Tick  Vector Icon Dashboard

  • Tick  Vector Icon Survey/Poll Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Multi-Channel Data Collection

  • Tick  Vector Icon Negative Feedback Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Data Security

  • Tick  Vector Icon Debit/Credit Card Processing

  • Tick  Vector Icon Text Analysis

  • Tick  Vector Icon On-Demand Communications

  • Tick  Vector Icon Chat/Messaging

  • Tick  Vector Icon Email Management


  • Tick  Vector Icon Email

  • Tick  Vector Icon Help Desk

  • Tick  Vector Icon FAQs

  • Tick  Vector Icon Forum

  • Tick  Vector Icon Knowledge Base


  • Tick  Vector Icon Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

  • Tick  Vector Icon Mobile - Android

  • Tick  Vector Icon Mobile - iPhone

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Serge Isidore K.

Gestion clientèle

Jul 3, 2023

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Overall, Podium is a better software to use for customer management, scheduling and payments all in one place and also facilitates communication with customers.


Podium is a very interesting software for customer management and also allows you to save time, planning and payments in simplicity.


Podium has a great advantage for managing messaging but is not available in all countries.
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Nap B.


May 10, 2023

  • Overall


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Podium is a great tool that can really improve the way you communicate with your customers. If you're looking for a way to make customer communication and payment collection simpler, Podium is definitely worth considering!


Podium is a great tool because it saves you time and money by consolidating messaging, scheduling, and payments into one platform.


One potential downside of Podium is that it requires a lot of training to learn how to use it to its full potential. However, this is also a positive, as it means that users can fully maximize its benefits for their business.
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Gabriele C.


May 13, 2023

  • Overall


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Podium allows you to collect and manage all your customers' reviews from different platforms (like Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.) in one single dashboard. This saves you valuable time by avoiding the need to manually check different platforms and having everything under control in one place. With Podium, you can automate the sending of customized requests to customers to leave a review of your business. This significantly increases the likelihood of receiving positive feedback and improving your online reputation. Podium provides a range of analytical tools to help you monitor review performance over time. You can get a detailed view of the number of reviews received, the average scores, and customers' opinions. This data helps you assess your customers' level of satisfaction and make strategic decisions to improve the customer experience.


Podium may come with an additional cost for your business, depending on the plan and features you select. You could be looking at a significant financial investment, so it's important to weigh the benefits of using Podium against the cost. Because it's a platform, there is some dependence on technology. If there is an interruption in service or technical difficulties, you may have trouble accessing customer reviews or responding quickly to comments. Be aware of this dependence and have a contingency plan in place in case of any technical issues.

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