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By Mereo

Mereo Overview

What is Mereo ?

Mereo is a corporate performance and engagement management solution that allows you to design and track team goals, implement action plans based on observed development, build competency evaluations, and communicate feedback with colleagues, among other things. Managers can use this platform to design bonus programs, organize and parameterize salary bonuses, and choose which factors should be considered for their distribution.

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With Mereo, users can strengthen the culture of results by analyzing the performance of the entire team and boosting people's professional development.


Mereo Integrations

  • Qarrot


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Key Features


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  • Tick  Vector Icon 360 Degree Feedback

  • Tick  Vector Icon Ad hoc Reporting

  • Tick  Vector Icon Benefits Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Compensation Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Competency Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Data Connectors

  • Tick  Vector Icon Employee Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Compensation Plan Modeling

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