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Marketo Engage

By Adobe
9 reviews

Marketo Engage Features



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Key Features


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  • Tick  Vector Icon Data Import/Export

  • Tick  Vector Icon Lead Capture

  • Tick  Vector Icon Contact Database

  • Tick  Vector Icon Lead Nurturing

  • Tick  Vector Icon Lead Segmentation

  • Tick  Vector Icon Prospecting Tools

  • Tick  Vector Icon Pipeline Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Lead Qualification

  • Tick  Vector Icon Advertising Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Behavior Tracking

  • Tick  Vector Icon Calendar Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Behavioral Targeting

  • Tick  Vector Icon Campaign Tracking

  • Tick  Vector Icon Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Tick  Vector Icon Customer Experience Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Dashboard Creation

  • Tick  Vector Icon Email Marketing

  • Tick  Vector Icon Event Triggered Actions

  • Tick  Vector Icon Multi-Channel Attribution

  • Tick  Vector Icon Multi-Campaign

  • Tick  Vector Icon Multi-Channel Marketing


  • Tick  Vector Icon Help Desk

  • Tick  Vector Icon FAQs

  • Tick  Vector Icon Forum

  • Tick  Vector Icon Knowledge Base


  • Tick  Vector Icon Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

  • Tick  Vector Icon Mobile - Android

  • Tick  Vector Icon Mobile - iPhone

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Reviewers who mentioned features said :

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Yurii H.

Senior Software Engineer

Jul 2, 2023

  • Overall


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Marketo Engage is an impressive marketing platform that goes beyond simply creating emails. It intelligently analyzes customer behavior across different channels and updates segments in real time.


I found Marketo Engage to be a valuable tool for managing customer relationships, once I got past the initial learning curve.


Although Marketo Engage offers advanced features, the learning curve can be steep for new users. The platform has a complex interface that may take some time to navigate and understand fully.
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Euphrem W.

Rédacteur WEB - SEO

Jul 3, 2023

  • Overall


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In terms of collaboration between multiple teams, Marketo Engage is a complete tool. It makes customer loyalty easier and increases revenue without much difficulty. A software that I highly recommend.


Marketo Engage may appear a bit complex for beginners due to its features and some options that don't hold up well. Despite these few issues, it reveals itself as a considerable asset to prioritize.
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Md Rafiew I.

IT Engineer

Jun 18, 2023

  • Overall


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It is important to communicate with all levels of leads, both those who have shown interest in the past and those who are new. By nurturing previous leads, there is a chance they will return to the business. New leads should be contacted right away to let them know how valued they are and that someone will reach out to them as soon as they register.


Marketo helps us keep track of what visitors are doing on our website and sends out marketing content that is personalized to them on a regular basis. This makes it much easier to communicate with potential customers. Marketo is also used for things like email campaigns and lead scoring, which allows us to see how well sales and marketing are working together.


If you could add more customization options to the predesigned templates, they might be improved. The phrases and iconography used by Marketo are unclear and difficult to understand. Once an image is uploaded, it can be linked to.

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