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IntentBI AI Analyst


IntentBI AI Analyst Overview

What is IntentBI AI Analyst ?

IntentBI AI Analyst is a voice based AI powered natural language reporting and analytics company which enables business users within enterprises and SMEs with the capability to report on any kind of data existing in any application, flat files, data sources using Natural Language in under 1 second on millions of rows of data with NO technical knowledge.

Competitive Advantage

IntentBI offers Natural Language Reporting and AI Analyst which enables you to create Reports and Dashboards in milli-seconds with a fraction of cost.


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Key Features


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  • Tick  Vector Icon Natural Language Reporting

  • Tick  Vector Icon No Code

  • Tick  Vector Icon Data Sources

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  • Tick  Vector Icon Customizable

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  • Tick  Vector Icon Machine Learning

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IntentBI AI Analyst Features

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    Natural Language Reporting

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    No Code

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    Data Sources

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