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What is HG Platform 2.0 ?

HG Insights Launches Platform 2.0 – With Improved Features To Help Global Companies Optimize Their Go-To-Market Motions! Experience Actionable Insights For Everything From Strategic Planning To Campaign Execution

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Identify the companies with the highest propensity to buy and match your Ideal Customer Profile in every market you operate in. Technologies currently in use Granular IT spend intelligence Understand when customers are likely to purchase by combining technology with buyer intent intelligence Prioritize accounts by relevant IT budgets Opportunity Generator – Research and score accounts through an intuitive model that allows you to take advantage of HG Insights with technographic data to determine the best opportunities to target for your business. Company Profile – Insights into specific companies with spend, technographic data and buyer intent data that allows for you to understand target companies profiles. Market Intelligence – Understand and size markets to support strategic decisions to support market growth. Contextual Intent – Access to best-in-class buyer intent data that is combined with HG technographics to provide context. Exports – Easily export data to csv and MS excel formats to support integration with your operations teams. Ease of Use – Intuitive, user interface to support teams analysis of insights across strategic, marketing and sales teams. Help Strategy Teams to understand the size, shape, and structure of your markets so you can: Size Markets by IT spend, tech installs, firmographics, and other customizable criteria Analyze Vendor Penetration to find threats, trends, and opportunities Allocate Resources and territories more efficiently Whitespace Analysis uncovers untapped market potential Shorten the Path-To-Purchase with Access to best-in-class, quality buyer intent data. By combining intent signals with technographics, HG provides refinable context to power more effective targeting that yields a greater ROI compared to intent data alone. Broad coverage across companies, industries and countries/geographies across all revenue ranges and employee bands Nearly 2 billion intent records processed each week, leveraging technographic and firmographic data on 120+ million verified tech installs across 14,000+ products, solutions, and services Actionable Insights to shorten the path-to-purchase and contribute to higher sales productivity


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  • Identify the companies with the...
  • Granular IT spend intelligence

  • Opportunity Generator

  • Market Intelligence

  • Contextual Intent

  • Ease of Use

  • Analyze Vendor Penetration

  • Nearly 2 billion intent records

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