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By Zoftware_Shrey

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What is HackerEarth ?

HackerEarth is the most complete developer evaluation tool that enables businesses to precisely gauge developers' abilities during the hiring process. HackerEarth is used by more than 1000 businesses worldwide to increase the calibre of their engineering recruits and shorten the time required for recruiters to review applicants.

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  • Tick  Vector Icon Automatic Grading

  • Tick  Vector Icon Candidate Management

  • Tick  Vector Icon Online Tests

  • Tick  Vector Icon Question Library

  • Tick  Vector Icon Aptitude Testing

  • Tick  Vector Icon Candidate Comparison

  • Tick  Vector Icon Customizable Tests

  • Tick  Vector Icon Skills Assessment

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By Zoftware_Shrey

HackerEarth Features

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    Automatic Grading

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    Candidate Management

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    Online Tests

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