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ArcMate Enterprise by NVSSoft is an industry-leading document management system that is trusted by enterprises and government departments for accelerating digital transformation. It is powered by a Service Oriented Architecture and is available in Enterprise and DataCenter editions. The system is based on an n-tier architecture that is designed for security and scalability, with core functions built and embedded as services. ArcMate Enterprise uses industry standard formats and relies on no proprietary technology, thus securing investments long-term. It is a fully web-based system with an intuitive user interface available in English, Arabic, French, and Turkish. With ArcMate’s native mobile apps for iOS and Android, users can easily capture, find, and share documents on the go. The system is powered by an advanced API that enables system integrators to build and integrate line of business applications with its repository and core functionalities. With ArcMate Enterprise you can capture and index all types of documents easily, anywhere, and anytime. It helps automate and speed up the process of capturing and indexing using batch scanning, folder monitoring, email and Microsoft Office integration, and intelligent recognition and indexing.

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ArcMate Enterprise distinguishes itself from its competitors through a combination of its architecture, comprehensive feature set, and specific functionalities tailored for document management and digital transformation. One of the primary differentiators is its foundation on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and n-tier architecture, which ensures scalability, security, and flexibility in integrating with other systems. This architectural choice allows ArcMate Enterprise to support a wide range of enterprise and government department needs by facilitating the development and integration of line-of-business applications with its repository and core functionalities. .

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for my 10000 people company
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