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by Idris Ademola Adeleye

4 Min Read | Sat, 28 Jan 2023

What Is File Sharing Software? How it Work, Features, Types & Pricing Analysis


  • What are File-Sharing and Document Sharing Software?
  • Why Document Sharing Software?
  • How Document Sharing Software Operates
  • Document Sharing Software Features
  • Conclusion



Today, enterprises have multiple options to select from when it comes to storing their business information and data. 


Digital technologies have now made storing and accessing information easy, be it from a hard drive storage mechanism, cloud storage facility, or business file sharing platforms


But, especially with the best file sharing software solution, brands can send and share a bulk load of files of varying sizes across locations promptly with a powerful data protection mechanism. 


What are File-Sharing and Document Sharing Software?

A file sharing or document sharing application is software that enables users to collaborate on a task as well as to upload, download, and transfer files across teams. The document sharing software allows users to designate access to critical files to restricted group members across departments. 


With the best file sharing software, teams can access work files from their work-station at home as well as from the office workspace. 


Why Should Your Organization opt for Document Sharing Software?

The best business file sharing platforms are striving to provide a convenient user interface and better remote access. 


Apart from that, the business file sharing platforms also provide automation features, document tracking features, and content-based access control capabilities. 


The best software for file sharing purposes built for enterprises offers enhanced security features, better workflow, and compliance features. 


How Does The Document Sharing Software Operate?

Yes!, the business file sharing platforms allow teams to upload, download, send, and receive different types of files ranging from text, documents, videos, and images across groups by employing a local network or external network. 


The storage, transmission, and distribution features of the best file sharing software usually rely on four major systems viz manual sharing of removable media, local servers on the computer, distributed peer-to-peer network sharing, and hyperlinked documents residing online. The best software for file sharing is also known as the managed file transfer solution and is usually built on top of cloud technologies. 


With help of business file sharing platforms, businesses looking for security at the data transfer layer and prefer to audit for compliance and regulatory purposes can securely conduct core operations processes with a certain degree of control over documents accessed across internal departments, remote centres, and trading partners. 


Features of a Document Sharing Software


- Data Storage, Recovery, And Password Protection

To employ a multipoint transfer and sharing mechanism, first, files need to be uploaded and stored on the cloud drive offered by the best file sharing software platform. With the document sharing software, the uploaded files and folders can only be accessed by the file’s owner by browser or a mobile application. 


Because entire data is stored in the cloud, in an incidence of accidental file deletion, the data can be easily recovered by the file sharing vendors. Often most document sharing software is shipped with password protection because without security data is at risk of malicious cyber attack.  


- Micro Access And Version History

The best software for file sharing comes with a micro or granular access feature which is among the most robust form of user protection control mechanisms. The software ensures that files are accessed only by the users with granted authorization. 


The version history feature is offered by only a few of the best file sharing software which saves all your efforts from getting lost forever. All previous versions and edits done in the file are stored in the cloud which can be accessed or retrieved whenever needed. 


- Document Sharing Software Price Analysis 

Google Drive is among the best software for file sharing that offers 15 GB of free space and a starting paid plan at $1.75/ user/ per month with 100 GB of storage. 


On the other hand, another well-known document sharing software, DropBox Business offers a standard plan that starts at $12.50/user/month, for only 3 users, with 3 TB of storage space, a smart sync feature, 2-factor authentication feature, 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption and quick recovery feature. 



Zoftware allows you to handpick the best software for file sharing and storage purposes out of thousand of offerings listed on the platform. 


The user-friendly navigational features enable users to effortlessly browse, discover and compare the best file sharing software based on the verified rating and reviews. Attain the highest level of operational efficiency by opting for the ideal business file sharing platforms that allow you to store, access, share, transmit, encrypt, protect, and recover business data from anywhere on any device without friction.