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by Idris Ademola Adeleye

5 Min Read | Sun, 29 Jan 2023

5 Techniques for Boosting Software Adoption in 2023 Amidst Challenges


  • Software Adoption Challenges
  • How to overcome Software Adoption Road Blocks
  • Conclusion



A recent study shows that, on average, companies use a whopping 254 software applications! 


But here’s the bad news: only around 45% of this software is used regularly. Over half of the software applications companies pay for are not regularly used by their employees.


It’s no surprise that companies are inundated with so many software options. The last few years have seen an explosion of software applications that offer solutions for everything - from billing to customer relationship management. In fact, in 2022, there were over 20,000 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies around the world. 


Software is booming, and for a good reason. New technological developments like artificial intelligence and data analytics have given software the ability to take company processes to the next level. Every day there are improvements to software that can boost productivity and maximize a company’s sales. But employees can be reluctant to make the switch to new software, even when it could improve their workflow. 


With so many software applications competing for the user’s time and resources, how can you ensure that employees use the software you want? 


Let’s look at five techniques for boosting software adoption in your company in the coming year.

Challenges to Software Adoption

Before diving into the software adoption strategies, let’s first look at the challenges you might face for company-wide software adoption.


  1. New software can be intimidating for users. Learning a new way of doing things can be difficult for users, and they may be more comfortable sticking with the software they are familiar with.
  2. Switching software and migrating data and processes can take a lot of energy and time that the users might be reluctant to put into the process.
  3. Insufficient training and onboarding can make users feel lost and delay the adoption.
  4. Users could encounter problems as they start to use new software, and if they don’t know who to turn to with their questions, they might abandon the software altogether.


Now let’s look at how we can overcome these challenges to successful software adoption.

How to overcome Software Adoption roadblocks

1#  Start with the facts

To build trust with the employees and show them how the new software will benefit them, start with data. Back your decision to switch to new software with facts. Outline sources, studies, and numbers to bolster your decision. 


When employees see that the decision to adopt a new software is based on evidence, they will be more likely to give it a chance. 


2# Establish two-way communication

Not only is it vital that you clearly communicate the changes you have planned to your team, it is also important to hear from them. Employees who feel like they are part of the decision-making process are more likely to use the new software. 


Provide ample opportunities for employees to tell you about their concerns or give feedback about the new software. Doing so might also bring to your attention some factors you might have overlooked. Keep the communication channels open as long as required to ensure that the software adoption happens smoothly. 


3# Find software champions

When it comes to adopting new software, there are always users who are early adopters. These people are the first to spot the benefits of new software or technology, and getting them on board is the easiest.


Try to identify the early adopters in your team. If you can get them onboard the new software, then half your work is done. Early adopters are crucial in software adoption because they convince their teammates that making the switch is the right thing to do. And when employees hear about the benefits of a new process from their colleagues rather than their bosses, they are more likely to listen.


Early adopters can also be on hand to help their teammates whenever they face any difficulty in using new software. To get these early adopters on your side, communicate early and clearly to them before reaching out to the organization at large.


4# Have adequate training

A simple and effective onboarding experience is essential for software adoption. Users should have enough time to properly train on how to use the new software to get comfortable with it. This training can be done in person or through videos and training manuals. Either way, the employees must know where to seek guidance as they use new software. 


When it comes to software, practice makes perfect. Have enough practice sessions for new users to try out the software first-hand before they start employing it for their day-to-day work. Make sure to outline all processes in an easy-to-refer medium, so employees know where they can look when they get stuck,


5# Provide continuous support

Don’t wait for employees to reach out to you with questions about the new software. Have support available to them throughout their onboarding process. Even after the training period is over and the excitement of using a new software fades, ensure your team knows how to access support teams who can quickly solve their queries. 


If employees start to struggle with the new software before they can get comfortable with it, they might abandon it and not look back. Having continuous support is essential to maximize adoption.

Summing Up

Ensuring software adoption is increasingly becoming an essential skill for team leaders to learn. Ensuring smooth software adoption in an organization can be difficult but extremely rewarding, especially when it results in a more efficient and effective company. 


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