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by Idris Ademola Adeleye

5 Min Read | Sun, 29 Jan 2023

A Look at How Technology is Affecting Football, the World's Most Popular Sport


  • Smart Ball System
  • Video Assistant Referee in Football (VAR)
  • Goal-Line Technology in Football (GLT)
  • Goal Ref Football Technology
  • Hawk-Eye Football Technology
  • Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS)



Technology is revolutionizing how we play and watch sports today. We have AI-driven player analysis tools that help coaches make better decisions on game day to augmented reality applications that allow fans an unprecedented view inside stadiums from home.


Football, the world's most popular sport, has recently seen a dramatic shift due to technological advances. Tracking devices for players and coaches, virtual reality simulations for training drills, and even drones used for scouting opponents are all becoming more high-tech with each passing season. 


With around 4 billion people tuning in to watch the 2018 World Cup, football is without a doubt the world's most popular sport. But it isn't just its viewership that has been growing; advances in technology are also transforming how we play and watch this beloved game.


With real statistics from the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) showing an unprecedented level of global engagement, let's explore these technological advances in more detail and discuss their implications for the future of football.


1# Smart Ball System

Technology has revolutionized football, and the Smart Ball system is a fantastic example. The system uses an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to track the trajectory of any ball thrown during a match. It provides up-to-date stats on accuracy, distance, and height while helping players and scouts hone their skills with real-time feedback.


By increasing accuracy and providing detailed tracking data, the Smart Ball system can make previously tedious processes more effective, efficient, and rewarding. As such, it is becoming increasingly popular in professional football clubs across the globe, as well as among amateur players looking to improve their performance. 


No doubt it will revolutionize how people play and watch the sport in only a positive way!


2# Video Assistant Referee in Football (VAR)

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has taken football to a new level by allowing controversial matters to be reviewed and overturned. This technology allows referees to make accurate decisions through video footage, thus bringing about more fairness and accuracy in the game. 


VAR has been a great success so far, making it easier for referees to be more aware of their surroundings and overlook perceived incorrect calls that could have potentially changed the outcome of a match. It also serves as an extra source of justice and helps create an environment where players are treated fairly. The introduction of VAR has completely changed how football is played worldwide, making it more enjoyable for players and fans.


3# Goal-Line Technology in Football (GLT)

Football is slowly but surely seeing a revolution from its roots due to the technological advancements being implemented in the sport. One of these technologies is Goal-Line Technology (GLT) which uses cameras and computer systems to detect whether all or part of the ball has crossed the goal line. GLT also allows referees to be sure if a goal has been scored, making their decisions more accurate, reliable, and instantaneous. 


This removes ambiguity or doubt surrounding important match incidents, ensuring consistency in football officiating and protecting both teams from injustice. Furthermore, this technology can provide additional data for coaches to make more informed tactical decisions during the game. 


4# Goal Ref Football Technology

The goal ref system is the latest technological advancement in football entering the stadium. This innovative technology ensures accuracy and fairness in deciding whether there is a goal or not by using cameras and sensors to detect when the ball entirely crosses over the line without fail.


Goal ref puts to rest any hopes for subjective errors as rulings are now made according to undisputable evidence stored digitally. While this could be seen as a hindrance to the spirit of fair-play inherent in football, it is always better to rely on accurate decisions objectively than on referees' personal judgment and subjectivity.


5# Hawk-Eye Football Technology

Football and technology have collided, with Hawk-Eye technology becoming the ultimate game changer. The integration of cutting-edge technology into the global football arena has revolutionized the way decisions are made on the pitch, as accuracy levels reach unmatched heights. Play referees now use Hawk-Eye to make instantaneous line calls and goal determinations, ensuring that objective and fair outcomes are made in each match. 


Advancements like Hawk-Eye not only increase the accuracy and accountability of football but also enhance stadium security management. As a result of its superior functionality, it is no surprise that Hawk-Eye is gaining increased recognition amongst football entities across Europe, Asia, and South America.


6# Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS)

Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS) are proving to be invaluable tools in many industries. By automatically recording employee performance and output, EPTS can quickly identify areas of improvement or problems before they become too big. This has several benefits, including improved consistency in performance throughout the company, as well as increased safety by alerting managers if workers veer off track. 


EPTS also provides valuable data for strategic planning and can inform decisions for where best to utilize resources in order to boost productivity. In a constantly evolving workplace environment, EPTS are essential for staying on top of production goals and ensuring that demands are met without sacrificing quality.


Summing Up

Technology is revolutionizing the game of football, giving rise to new and advanced strategies. The days of pen-and-paper tactics are fading away, replaced by sophisticated analytics programs that can determine the best way to attack and defend. Coaches can now analyze data from previous games, opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, and player performance in real time. 


Video replays are allowing coaches to review calls in order to better assess their penalties and plays. Fitness-tracking apps allow players and coaches to keep track of specific metrics that can end up determining a game's outcome allowing for more efficient training plans. 


This technology shift has also opened up new possibilities for fan engagement with immersive experiences in stadiums using virtual reality (VR). As technology continues to rapidly evolve and become a part of everyday life, its effects on the football world are only bound to get bigger.