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by Idris Ademola Adeleye

5 Min Read | Sun, 29 Jan 2023

How using technology can help you become an awesome social media influencer


  • Automation
  • Content Generation
  • Analytics Tools
  • Leveraging SEO and marketing tools
  • 5# Identifying business opportunities
  • Conclusion



In 2019, a study found that when it came to choosing a profession, children preferred to be YouTubers over astronauts. 


A cursory glance at the economic and social capital social media influencers hold today will tell you why it seems an exciting career opportunity. 


In 2022, the global influencer market was estimated to be around $14.27 billion. And like all major industries, technology plays an indispensable role in the field of influencer marketing. 


For one, technology is the vehicle that facilities influencer marketing. In addition to shaping how you create your content, technology also determines how your audience consumes your work. 


And as the market grows larger by the day, it is essential to leverage technology for all it has to offer and use it to make your content stand out from the rest. 


While content is king, social media influencers with a better grasp of technology are likely to engage their audiences more effectively than those who are less informed.


Technology, in its various forms, can help you chart your journey from being a social media user to a social media influencer. Let us look at how technology can help your influencer journey.

1# Automation 

It has been the buzzword for the last few years, and chances are automation will be at the front and center of most operations, across sectors, in the years to come. It is also one of the most valuable aspects of technology when it comes to the social media influencer market.


Delivering creative content on a regular basis and ensuring that it reaches a wide audience is a combination of art and science. 


It is a complex process, and here, automation can help you save time and energy. It can take mundane and mechanical tasks off your hand, allowing you more time to ideate and work on your brand. There is a range of platforms to help you schedule your uploads, design your feed or even create mood boards to inspire you with your content. 


You can choose automation apps or websites to lessen your burden by incorporating them into your workflow.

2# Content generation

If you have an idea for a content piece, there is a tool out there to aid you in the creation process. 


Depending on the kind of content you want to create, several tools can be used alone or together to regenerate your final output. The trick is in identifying what these apps are; for that, you will have to be updated about the latest offerings from the world of technology. 


For instance, any content – text, audio or video – gets its final form on the edit table. However, editing is a skill set that is acquired over the years. It is also not unusual for social media influencers to be a single-person business. 


In such a scenario, beginner-level editing software and writing tools can come handy for all your basic requirements while creating content.


However, if you want to make your content cut through the clutter, it is always advisable to consult a professional who is well-versed in the software.

3# Analytical tools 

Being a successful social media influencer is not just about making the right kind of content but also ensuring that your work reaches the right audience. 


To understand this, you must study your audience and how they are engaging with the content.


You can use technology – in the form of analytics tools such as Google Analytics – to receive detailed insights into how your content is performing. The most common metrics for engagement are click-through rates, average watch time and subscription numbers. 


Additionally, several analytic tools can also give you specifics of your subscriber base – breaking data into age groups, gender and geographic location. This will help you tailor your content better to cater to your viewers.


Additionally, AI and machine learning tools also help to weed out bots and trolls, fake subscribers and irrelevant content that can adversely affect the overall brand value of your channel.

4# Leveraging SEO and marketing tools

You can create the best content in the world, but unless an audience views it, it will not fetch you any benefits. Therefore, it is essential to constantly work towards increasing your visibility.


One of the most basic yet effective ways to increase your visibility among users is by optimising your content for search engines. This will improve the chances of more traffic being driven to your social media handles or channels, translating into more engagement. 


SEO and marketing tools are specifically helpful in analysing your performance, identifying keywords and search phrases that best align with your content, quantifying your organic search traffic, and finding ways to broaden your target audience pool.

5# Identifying business opportunities

The global influencer market is as big as it is today because brands and organisations see social media influencers as effective marketing entities. 


As social media influencers, collaborating with brands will also bring in more money and social capital. 


Monetizing your content is made simple by various influencer marketing platforms that can help you connect with brands – or fellow social media influencers – and negotiate collaborations.

Summing Up

There is no denying that technology is a game-changer for social media influencers. 


From creating engaging content to finding your audience, the optimal use of technology can help you on every step of your influencer journey. 


If you are looking for a one-stop destination for all your software needs as a social media influencer brand, Zoftware is the place for you. Happy creating!