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Zoftware is a one-stop software search and suggestion platform for everything your business needs. We help you define your software requirements, narrow down your search using our comparison tool, and make an informed decision based on reviews by real users. 

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What Our Customer Have Been Saying?

As a software company, Zoftware can help us attract new customers, engage our existing customers and get their feedback, as well as connect with new channel partners on all one platform. We have been trying to find places to market in the Middle East other than Google and we finally found it. Looking forward to registering our product soon.

Harsh Sajnani

Founder Of Kingpin


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We help recruit the right IT resources, manage their payroll and visas, for Businesses, Software Companies or System Integrators.

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Outsourcing is getting the exemplary work done by the talented team of the service companies....


To understand and optimize web usage, one must measure, collect, analyze, and report web data....


Services industries like asset management, customer care, IT & Human Resource, Insurance, etc. are gearing...


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